Cascadilla Falls
Cascadilla Falls, From just above the stone bridge. A man sits on the wall of the bridge. His back is to me, and he’s playing a guitar.

Until I was too ill to go out much, I walked through my neighborhood every day. I walked to work from 2008-2016. I got a dog in 2014. I have a deep connection to this little part of the world. I met neighbors, made friends, and spent heaps of time at one of my favorite waterfalls; where I live, they’re part of the urban landscape.

My hand holding a box of freshly picked raspberries at Indian Creek farm.

I’ve been a hobby photographer for as long as I can remember, and have been taking pictures on my walks from the beginning. Even now, as I go outside to practice navigating in my wheelchair, I’m still stopping to take pictures. I have an immense collection of photos, and I have often used them to reference the timing of things, like when the magnolias bloom, and when the blueberries will be at the farmers market.

Brighly colored flowers in a tree lawn garden.

I miss being outside. And I miss being engaged with the world and the change of seasons this way. A few months ago I had an idea. I decided to make slideshows of photographs I’ve taken locally, a new slideshow for each month. And I use them as screensavers on my TV. It reminds me of what’s going on outside, and what I would see just a few years or blocks away if I stepped outside.

A white and black shorthair cat lying in a garden.


Staying Connected to the Outside World
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