I love a good system. I love finding really good ways to do things, and evolving them as circumstances change.  Here are some ideas that could help improve your quality of life. I’m based in the US, so my tools and recommendations are too.

Managing Space

Setting up your living space to support you is a key part of improving your quality of life as a chronically ill person.

Managing Information

Oh my gosh. The amount of information I have to keep track of right now in my life is a bit much. I’m not doing a perfect job at this by far, but it’s not bad, either.


Managing chronic illness requires a lot of communication with a lot of folks. We also need our quiet and privacy.


From discounts to tactics, some shopping approaches.

Acceptance and Peace

Acceptance of a greatly changed reality is very difficult, but I also believe it is very necessary. We can accept what is true today (and that it may be true in the future), without abandoning hope for change or trying new treatments. I feel strongly that this is one of the single most important things that has affected my quality of life.