Finger Lakes Independence Center

DisabIthaca: Support for disabled and chronically ill Ithacans Facebook Group. This group is for disabled folks in the Ithaca area to connect, support each other, share resources. Allies are welcome, with the understanding that disabled voices, concerns, perspectives are centered.

Student Disability Services at Cornell University

Student Accessibility Services at Ithaca College

Disability Education, Alliance & Resources at Ithaca College The purpose of DEAR@IC shall be to form a community for people with disabilities and allies to come together in a safe and accepting environment. DEAR@IC will educate its members and the Ithaca community about different disabilities, ally itself with faculty, staff, and other students to promote the welfare of students with disabilities living on campus, and provide support and resources on campus.

Guthrie Med Supply Depot  Guthrie Med Supply Depot offers a wide range of medical equipment and supplies, including adaptive equipment designed to help individuals maintain their independence, wheelchairs and scooters, and physical therapy aides. In addition to medical equipment and supplies, Med Supply Depot also specializes in the rental, sales and service of home oxygen and respiratory therapy products.