Current Needs:

Updated September 12, 2020

  • Sunday am needed

About Us

Hi! I’m chronically ill and disabled, and looking to bring more folks who will love my animals into our circle of community support. I’m mostly housebound, and mostly bedbound due to the increase in severity of my illnesses. We need folks who would enjoy going on walks with a chill dog, feeding the dog and cat, and connecting with a neighbor. We’re not far from the Gimme Coffee on Cayuga St in Ithaca.

It’s not paid.

We’re looking for folks who will find it valuable in and of itself, and will enjoy connecting with us as a touch point in their week.

“Marigold, Sadie, and Rebecca are the best! Marigold and Sadie are so sweet, calm, and remarkably well-behaved. Rebecca makes the pet care as easy as it could possibly be with clear routines and communication. When I’m able to comfortably fit this pet care into my schedule, it is a joy.” – Veronica

You may well already know Marigold, a sweet golden retriever-esque girl who is often walked by different people. She’s been in the neighborhood since 2014, and made friends with a lot of folks. Marigold is a dream on a leash. She does not pull. She is sometimes avoidant (does not like loud construction noises and might turn around), but never reactive or aggressive.

I also have a beautiful long-haired calico/tortie cat named Sadie. She is friendly, curious and snuggly.

They are the best.

It works best for folks to commit to an ongoing shift (or shifts), and we often trade or use respite folks when someone isn’t available for their regular shift. But we also have use for folks who can just step in as part of the respite team when others need to cancel.

“Even though I worked with Rebecca for many years, we never got to know each other. Now I feel like we could talk for hours! Making a new friend is wonderful.”

“Marigold is very comfortable holding a leadership position. I think that’s why I call her ‘Chief.'” – Diane


“The thing about Diane is that she is easily led. But I like that in my humans.” – Marigold

Pet Care Times and Tasks

Morning Shifts: At your convenience between 8-9:30 am
MarigoldWalk as she directs, often 10-60 minutes.
Food and water on return.
SadieWet food with fish oil.
Scoop litter box.
RebeccaMake a cup of coffee
Evening Shifts: At your convenience between 5-6:30 pm
MarigoldShort walk as she directs. 5-20 minutes.
Food and water on return.
SadieWet food.

“Marigold and Sadie are the sweetest and Rebecca has become a trusted friend. I walked into pet care duty not having known Rebecca, and I’m so glad I took the chance. Sadie is affectionate and a little goofy. Marigold is as sweet as advertised, and already has her favorite routes charted across Fall Creek. Walking with her a few times a week helped me get to know my new neighborhood and make it feel more like home. For someone who doesn’t have a dog, I’ve particularly loved the warm welcome Marigold gives me when I come to take her for a walk!” – Melanie

A note about COVID-19

There are about a dozen people in and out of the house each week. This is unfortunately necessary for some of us who are disabled.  And every single person who comes here takes this seriously.


  • Stay home if there is any chance you are sick (with anything), and if you have reason to believe you could have been exposed to COVID19
  • We will tell you if there is a chance anyone here could be sick
  • Take your temperature before you come, or on arrival with the provided digital thermometer
  • You should wear a mask at all times
  • Anyone in the house – me, my roommate, my aide – will wear a mask at all times if anyone else is here
  • Disinfect your hands every time you enter the house (hand sanitizer is provided at the door)
  • Disinfecting wipes are available for your use if you would like to wipe down surfaces such as the leash, or fridge handle
  • High touch surfaces are wiped down here approximately daily

Get in Touch

Does this feel like something that might be a good fit for you? Are you available for currently open shifts? Available for fill-in shifts? Available in the future? Drop me a line to let me know.