Ideas and problems fascinate me, and have for as long as I can remember. I like to learn about them, turn them around in my head, poke at them, ask questions, and design and empower solutions.

I’m curious as to how we might come together to tackle some of those challenges in ways that benefit society and the lives of individuals.

What does true gender equality look like? What prevents robust pipelines of women in politics, technology, management? How does society support parents? What does it take to ensure that everyone has access to reproductive health care and family planning in their own communities?

How do we face the reality that we will all die? How is it that we see violent death all the time in our media, but so many have never seen a loved one die in real life? Why do people say “if I die?” How do we want to engage with the inevitable ends of our lives? What does it look like to normalize grief?

Who am I? How have my experiences and those of my ancestors shaped who I am? What do I hold most dear? Who am I at my most authentic? What makes me who I am? How am I present with my pain? What brings me joy?

How is open access to education and information created? How is information curated? What is the role of higher education is the US? Who should pay for education?

Who has privilege and how does it work? What are the many faces of oppression? How do we understand and value difference with open eyes, open hearts, and a willingness to be vulnerable? What adjustments need to be made by who?

Are these topics that interest you? Are you innovating in any of these areas and looking for project partners? Are you interesting in wild connections and musings?  Think we should connect?

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